How to enable L2 cache to accelerate writing

Since version 3.0, L2 cache is able to accelerate disk writing. However, in order to reduce the write wear on the L2 device, by default, the L2 cache is set to only accelerate disk reading. If you want to enable L2 cache to accelerate writing, please modify the default settings as follows:

  1. In the cache configuration dialog, click the Advanced Level-2 Cache Options button.

  2. If you want the read cache and write cache to share the entire L2 cache space, uncheck the "Individual Read/Write Cache Space" option. Otherwise, move the slider to set the required write cache space size. Note that you cannot set the write cache ratio to 0%, as this means that the L2 cache is only used as a read cache.

Now, L2 cache can speed up disk writing. Of course, you must enable Defer-Write at the same time, otherwise it will not improve the disk write performance.