How to send cache configuration and statistics for diagnostics and troubleshooting

Support professionals may ask for your current cache configuration and statistics to diagnose and troubleshoot problems. The instructions below will walk you through the steps needed to obtain such information and send it to technical support.

  1. Launch the PrimoCache application.
  2. In the main dialog, click to highlight the target volume which you want to diagnose. Its active configuration and cache statistics will be displayed in the section below.
  3. Press the Alt + PrtSc keys on your keyboard to take a screenshot of the PrimoCache window. Windows saves the screenshot in the clipboard.
  4. Open Paint or any other photo editing application, paste the screenshot and save it as an image file. 
  5. If you have multiple volumes to be diagnosed, repeat the step 2 to 4.
Send saved image files to technical support. Below is an example image for your information.